More Vegan Gift Ideas

Following on from our previous article, ‘Vegan Christmas Gifts – Shopping for Cruelty-free Presents‘, we thought it was about time that we offered some more ideas for vegan gifts as the range of products that are available is always changing and, thankfully, increasing too meaning that there are now more options available than ever before when buying cruelty-free presents.

Vego Vegan Chocolates

Vego Vegolino Fine Nougat PralinesPreviously we mentioned giving vegan chocolates as presents and, in particular, the lovely Booja Booja brand. However, we’re very glad to say that since then the choice of vegan chocolates has continued to increase. Some of our favourite brands now include Moo-Free, which uses a secret dairy free recipe (that incorporates natural and organic ingredients including rice powder) to create chocolate that looks and tastes just like milk-chocolate and the wonderful Vego chocolate bars.

The Vego chocolate range includes the Vego Vegolino Fine Nougat Pralines. These hazelnut pralines are pure heaven and melt in your mouth, leaving you wanting more! They are also made with organic and Fairtrade certified ingredients. We think they make a fantastic gift, whatever the occasion.

In addition, there are chocolate bars, chocolate drops and, at various times of the year, vegan advent calendars and easter eggs available too, of course

Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics

The name of Beauty Without Cruelty has long been connected with cruelty-free makeup as it was one of the very first brands set up purely to produce and sell vegan cosmetics. Recently the brand has received somewhat of a makeover itself with new products being added to the range.

ShopVegan now stock some of these including the Attitude nail colours, Sensuous mineral eyeshadows and Natural Infusion lipsticks, which are traditionally one of the more elusive items of vegan makeup as most other lipsticks contain animal fats, beeswax or cochineal.

The BWC brand carries the Vegan Society logo, the products are suitable for those with sensitive skin and the packaging of them exudes quality making Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics an ideal vegan gift choice.

Exclusive Vegan Cakes

Maybe a little unusual for a Christmas present nowadays, but for the person who really does like their vegan treats what better than a cake or even a box of cupcakes? The Vegan Cakery is our favourite vegan cake bakery.

The Vegan Cakery specialise in delicious cakes suitable for vegans and they have a large range that can be ordered through their website – click here. Personal favourites with us are their Black Forest Gateau and their Chocolate Caramel Drizzle Cake… both scrumptious and you can never have too much chocolate at Christmas.

They always get very busy around the festive period though, so place your order early to guarantee delivery. Remember too that their cakes can be frozen, so why not order an extra one for yourself for when you decide to abandon your New Year’s Resolution.

Florame Vegan Perfumes

The range of vegan perfumes on the market has always been quite limited, but there are thankfully an increasing number of brands to choose from. Amongst these are our favourite brand of vegan, organic perfumes from Florame.

Florame natural vegan perfumes are blended using ingredients that are 100% natural and each perfume is certified organic by ECOCERT, the world’s largest organic certification association.

Of course the perfumes are free of animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. The packaging is stylish and sophisticated too, whilst still being recyclable. We think that the Florame organic perfumes make a great gift.

Vegan Dog Chews

Of course, gifts are not just for humans… Your four-legged furry friends should be treated too and what better way than with some tasty vegan dog treats? Paragon make a range of cerea (vegetable) based chews in a variety of shapes and flavours in their Whimzees range. One of the most popular of these treats are the ‘veggie pig ears‘ which look quite realistic (at least to a dog) and obviously taste great too judging by the speed at which they disappear!

Online Gift Card

It must be said that some people are much harder to buy a gift for than others. If you’d rather not take the chance of getting the wrong thing then an online gift card is probably one of the safest bets.

The Shop Vegan online gift card is available in a range of values. Once the gift card has been bought it is then automatically delivered to the recipient’s email ready for them to spend on whatever takes their fancy on the Shop Vegan website. What could be simpler?