Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

At Shop Vegan we try to support animal sanctuaries and rescue centres whenever possible, particularly when they also promote a cruelty-free lifestyle.

When we recently found out about a new animal sanctuary that had been set up based on vegetarian, vegan and organic principles we wanted to bring it to the attention of our readers, so we asked the founders, Sarah and Paul, to tell us a little about Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue…

“I just wanted to tell you a little about our vegan and organic animal sanctuary which we set up last September (2010). My friend and I had both thought about setting up a sanctuary for many years, but neither of us had taken the step to do so. Last year, however, I had been left some money in a dear friends will and this enabled us to carry out our dream – this is partially where the name Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue came from. We wanted to remember my human friend who allowed us to set up the sanctuary through his kindness and we wanted to remember all the animal friends we had been fortunate to share our lives with and all the billions who have suffered and died in the meat industry, in laboratories, in fur farms, zoos, circuses and many other abusive situations.

After much searching we found an ideal small property that had the land we required, it is an environmental haven as we are fortunate to share with so many wild creatures we never knew existed! The land is also organic even though it is not certified so.

The animals we have rescued so far have all come to us as a result of human cruelty and ignorance – sadly it never fails to surprise me how low the human race can sink in their treatment of each other as well as all the beautiful creatures that we personally we are in awe of.

All animals who come to us have a home here for life although we do re-home when new friends pass our very high standards regarding a home-check!

Recently we rescued sixteen hens that had been imprisoned in a battery farm. The farmer wanted to get rid of these so-called spent hens and we were very glad to take them in to our rescue.

Some of them were very poorly and we are giving them extra TLC, but some of the hens, now named: Rose, Poppy, Sweet Pea, Marigold, Sunflower and Cornflower (we love our wild flowers….), were outside pecking and dust-bathing the day after they arrived.

It was fantastic to watch them and know they will spend the rest of their lives with us unlike millions of others bred to die specifically for unnecessary foods – please see our website for animal-free recipes.

One of our rescued guinea pigs we renamed ‘Topsy-turvey’ came to us blind, although we weren’t told this at the time, maybe they never realised….or cynically maybe that’s why they wanted to be rid of her? Straightaway we were concerned that she was a little wobbly on her little legs and seemed to be sniffing around for food rather than using her sight (usually guinea pigs use both senses) and she would be unsure going up the ramp to her hutch.

After a visit to the vets confirmed she was blind, we made sure that she was put with another older guinea pig that she had bonded with. She still comes out in her large run on the grass everyday and she loves hiding in the tunnels where we put her food and whizzes around the run looking for her friend if she can’t sense her nearby. She will take broccoli, her favourite, from our hands and allows us to check her eyes everyday – she is amazing. Please see our website for how to care for your guinea pig (it’s under fact sheets!)

We do hope that you take time to visit our website and appreciate what we are trying to do to make this world a kinder place for our rescued animals and the wild creatures we share our home with.

Your support would be very gratefully received so if you’d like to donate and find out more about us please visit:

On behalf of all the animals, thank you.”

Sarah and Paul
Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue