Florame Natural Vegan Perfume – Radiant Rose

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Florame Radiant Rose organic natural perfume has a delicate fragrance of rose petals and a sweet, delicate perfume note that is very feminine.

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Florame Radiant Rose natural vegan perfume has the delicate fragrance of rose petals which is produced by the Damask rose essential oil used to create it. The rose essential oil is blended with a mix of organic sweet orange essential oil, organic spicebush resin and organic vanilla extract to create a sweet, delicate perfume note. As organic essential oils offer much more pure and aromatic properties than most traditional perfumes, when worn, this natural perfume enhances and complements the unique natural pheromones produced by the body.

Florame Radiant Rose natural vegan perfume is a very feminine fragrance.

Organic lavender alcohol, Water, Damascus rose essential oil, Organic vanilla extract, Organic sweet orange essential oil, Organic distilled lemon essential oil, Organic spicebush resin, Organic cacao extract, Cinnamon organic essential oil, Organic tangerine essential oil, Italian geranium essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil
Not tested on animals.
Contains no animal products.
Suitable for vegans.

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