VBites - Closed for Winter

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VBites - Closed for Winter

VBites - Closed for Winter

Here at Shop Vegan we were very sorry to hear recently that VBites, Heather Mills’ vegan restaurant/café in Hove, had closed for the winter.

VBites Website – Closed for Winter

A message posted on the VBites website states that the restaurant closed from Saturday 11th September. It goes on to assure visitors that this is simply an "end of summer holiday" and that it will remain closed over the winter to "focus on staff training, recipe development and VBites franchising".

In addition, the statement says that a host of activities are going to be laid on throughout the winter months, including cookery workshops and private parties with further details of some of these to be posted on the VBites website soon.

It does seem a little strange that the restaurant has shut down for the winter as much of the business that the restaurant relies upon surely comes from the large local veggie and vegan community in and around the Brighton and Hove area who, unlike the tourists, will still be there and eating out throughout the winter months. A change of emphasis from "summer" themed food items and outdoors eating to offering more seasonal dishes such as warming vegetable soups and nut roasts in the recently refurbished interior would certainly have been more understandable and also in line with what the other vegetarian and vegan pubs, cafés and restaurants in the area will be doing throughout the winter months.

We do hope that the information regarding the closure just being an end of summer holiday is completely accurate and we wish all of the VBites staff a good break through the winter months.


We're keeping our fingers crossed that VBites will re-open again in Spring 2011 and, if this is the case, we look forward to finding out what developments have taken place and sampling any new dishes that have appeared on the menu.

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VBites - Closed for Winter

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