Vegan Christmas Gifts - Shopping for Cruelty-free Presents

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Vegan Christmas Gifts - Shopping for Cruelty-free Presents

Vegan Christmas Gifts - Shopping for Cruelty-free Presents

Unless you opted to play it safe and get a vegan cookery book, buying a Christmas present for vegans used to be quite a tricky task. One that frequently involved checking ingredients in products, materials that things were made from and a company’s animal testing policies. Thankfully, there a lot more cruelty-free shops nowadays that do all of this work for you and the added bonus is that many of these sell their products online so you don’t even have to venture out onto the high street to buy your vegan Christmas gifts.

So, for those who want to make it a cruelty-free Christmas this year, here are a few ideas...

Vegan Perfumes

Vegan Perfumes

Everyone loves to smell nice so you can’t really go wrong with an animal-free perfume or aftershave. It’s just a matter of doing some detective work first to find out what sort of fragrance the person likes before selecting something suitable. The ShopVegan range includes a selection of beautiful organic perfumes from Florame that are based upon various aromatherapy oils.

Animal Sponsorship at a Sanctuary

For a gift with a difference, but one that shows you really do care about animals, you could sponsor an animal at one of the sanctuaries that cares for unwanted or abused farm animals. Hillfields Animal Sanctuary has an animal sponsorship scheme for £10 or £20 and you can choose which of the deserving animals you would like featured on the certificate that goes to the recipient. Among the rescued animals that you can sponsor are Sparkie the donkey and Blossom the calf who was a “waste product” of the dairy industry. Click here to go to the Sanctuary’s sponsorship page.

Vegan Make-Up or Make-up Brush Set

We know that all vegans are naturally beautiful people, but sometimes Mother Nature does need a helping hand to make us look our fabulous best. There are an ever-increasing number of vegan cosmetics products available with a wide range of the Barry M cosmetics stocked by ShopVegan.

In addition, our recently added range of EcoTools make-up brushes includes specialised make-up brushes and a great value 5 piece brush set that would make a wonderful gift at Christmas, or indeed, any other time of the year.

The EcoTools brushes use soft taklon synthetic bristles as an alternative to the animal-derived bristles that are used in most brands of makeup brushes and the handles are made from highly sustainable bamboo. Even the sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminium. They really are the ultimate cruelty-free make-up brushes that also have a low impact on the Earth's resources.

EcoTools Vegan Make-up Brushes

Vegan Society Subscription

The Vegan Society help to promote the vegan lifestyle in general, encouraging more people to adopt a cruelty-free way of life and manufacturers and produce products that are suitable for vegans. They publish and provide a wide range of information to those interested in veganism as well as providing literature to schools and the general public.

Membership to the Vegan Society includes a year’s subscription to the society’s quarterly magazine called “The Vegan”. This contains articles on new products, recipes, gardening tips, sound nutritional advice and much more. Membership to the Vegan Society can usually be bought online through their website, but at the time of writing their online shop was being revamped and was temporarily down. Therefore we’d recommend that you give them a call on 0121 523 1730 instead.

Animal Free Shopper Shopping Guide

Animal Free Shopper Shopping Guide

Also published by the Vegan Society is the invaluable “Animal Free Shopper”. Now in its 8th edition this is the most comprehensive guide to shopping for vegan products ever. It comes as a handy pocket-sized guide that is ideal for use when out shopping and it's definitely the easiest way to get started on an animal-free lifestyle.

It covers vegan products ranging from food, cosmetics, drink to home and gardening and everything in between making it an essential guide for the vegan shopper.

The Animal Free Shopper also contains comprehensive supermarket own brand listings, E numbers to watch out for, veggie/vegan group contact details, company contact details an a whole lot more. It can usually be bought from the Vegan Society's online shop, but in the event that this is still out of action, other organisations also sell it too, including Animal Aid and Viva!

Skin Blossom Skin Care Products

Skin Blossom skin care products are made from the maximum possible certified organically grown ingredients. The range includes a care and protect hand cream, a cleanse and nourish body wash, a gentle cleansing milk, a moisturising body lotion and a nourishing face moisturiser. All of the products are entirely free from toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance and colour making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Needless to say, their entire range is registered with the Vegan Society too. They’d make lovely stocking-fillers for the hard working vegan mum who deserves some pampering at Christmas.

Vegan T-Shirts

We love T-shirts. No other item of clothing allows you to express yourself as much as a T-shirt with a vegan message on it. ShopVegan have a small (but exclusive) selection of vegan T-shirts for both men and women with designs ranging from the cute to the downright cheeky!

Vegan T-Shirts
We know that vegans come in all shapes and sizes too so we try to stock a selection of shirt sizes to cater for everyone. Check out the designs available by going to our vegan clothing section.

Vegan Shoes

If you know the person you are buying for pretty well (or at least well enough to know their shoe size) then a pair of non-leather shoes or boots could make a good present. Vegetarian Shoes based in Brighton are one of the oldest retailers of cruelty-free footwear and they have a great selection on their website at Not the cheapest certainly, but excellent quality in our experience. Other online retailers of vegan footwear include Ethical Wares, Beyond Skin and to name but three.

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals

If you’re buying for a youngster then a children’s book with a cruelty-free message is a great idea. One of our personal favourites is “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals” by Ruby Roth. This hardback book takes a candid, compassionate look at the plight of animals on factory farms, using gorgeous artwork and lively text to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to early readers.

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals is suitable for ages 6 to around 10. It’s published in the USA, but is available online in the UK from Viva! and Amazon, as well as a few others.

Blue Lotus Vegan Cakes

Maybe a little unusual for Christmas present nowadays, but for the person who really does like their vegan treats what better than a cake or even a box of cupcakes? Blue Lotus specialise in delicious cakes suitable for vegans and they have a large range that can be ordered through their website. Personal favourites with us are the Chocolate Layer Cake and the Orange Chocolate Chip Cake… both scrumptious and you can never have too much chocolate at Christmas. They always get very busy around the festive period though, so place your order early - their website recommends that you do it by December 1st to guarantee delivery. Remember too that their cakes can be frozen, so why not order an extra one for yourself for when you decide to abandon your New Year’s Resolution.

Booja Booja Chocolates

Booja Booja Chocolates

We had to leave the chocolates until last otherwise we’d have spent the whole time talking about which ones are our favourites and dreaming of opening a box of Booja Booja gourmet truffles on Christmas morning. Where was I? Oh yes… Booja Booja must be the ultimate in vegan chocolates. Their range includes such treats as Organic Around Midnight Espresso Truffles, Organic Champagne Truffles and, a personal favourite with this writer, the Organic Cognac Flambéd Banana Truffles.

Whoever you’re buying for this Christmas, if they like chocolate, they’ll love some Booja Booja. Available from many health food stores and also online from specialist retailers such as Chocolate Trading Co. among many others.

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